jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Yo Tenía Un Juego en RetroMadrid 2014

Un año más vuelve RetroMadrid y esta vez Yo Tenía Un Juego estará presente en la feria, eso sí... de forma indirecta. La Asociación AUMAP (www.aumap.org) tendrá anuarios en DVD de la revista para venta directa, así que todos aquellos que queráis ver el anuario antes de comprarlo, en la feria podréis haceros con él.

Como recordarás, en el interior del DVD se incluye un juego conversacional de JORUIRU (www.joruiru.es) llamado "Yo Tenía Un Juego -La Aventura-" así que como sorpresa, todo el que quiera podrá acercarse al stand del CAAD ¡y el autor del juego os firmará vuestro anuario!

Si no tienes nuestro anuario en DVD podrás hacerte con él en la feria y si ya lo tienes ¡que no se te olvide llevártelo al stand de CAAD para que JORUIRU te lo firme!

Y por si esto fuera poco, ¡también habrá un gran sorteo en AUMAP! Pide tu participación por tan solo 1€ y podrás llevarte una máquina arcade de 6 botones con motivos de Mario Kart, una tablet Dual Core y nuestro anuario de la revista en DVD.

También os dejamos el plano de RetroMadrid 2014 para que sepáis donde estará cada cosa

martes, 8 de abril de 2014

Bob Smith Interview

Bob Smith, a nowadays ZX81 and ZX Spectrum coder has been kind enough to answer a long interview for our last Yo Tenía Un Juego issue. Since it was published in Spanish we've thought it could be of interest to all if we also post the original in English here on the blog, so here it is: the complete interview. Enjoy!

Hello Bob, first of all we’d like to thank you for spending some of your precious time answering to our interview.

        Let’s start talking about your beginnings playing videogames:  Which one was your first computer? How old were you when you bought it? What’s the earliest memory that you can bring back about those times?

My first 'real' computer was a ZX81 when I was around 9 years old.  We'd had a couple of consoles before then (a Binatone TV Master mk IV and a Philips Videopac G7000) but the ZX81 was the first programmable computer.

        Did you only play back then? When did you feel the desire to develop your own programs?

Everything I played on the ZX81 was first typed-in from various books available at the time, as a single book of 20 or so games was obviously much cheaper than a number of tapes, and I never could get it to load anything from tape.  I think my parents also felt that having the books might ignite an interest in write my own stuff, and they were right.

        In the 80’s without the assistance of the Internet in Spain, the fact of learn how to program was much more difficult than nowadays.  The few related books that came over to our country weren’t translated from English so it was a really tough work for Spanish kids to read and understand them. In your particulary case, how did you learn programming? 

Books, and magazines, for the ZX81 were plentiful here in England, and the machine's manual itself covered every aspect of BASIC programming.  Having the listings meant that you were naturally drawn to wondering what each line did, and so you would start changing certain lines to see what would happen, and that would lead to starting to write my own simple games.